Lessons from Holy Saturday

Holy-SaturdayHoly Saturday reminds us that even the silence speaks for God.  The grave does not close God’s mouth.  It does not have the final say.  There will be no grave-robbing here.

Holy Saturday teaches us that the power of God is not covered up by dirt or rocks. God weighs mountains and challenged us to talk to them (Isaiah 40.12; Mark 11.23).  What then can these things do?   God cannot be held back by things created, not even death.

Holy Saturday points to the expansiveness of God’s hands.  They can hold life and death, light and dark, grave and resurrection.  Still, never touching and the balance maintained.

And there is no keeping God down.  There is no pinning God down.  God is not made of dirt.  God cannot return to the earth. But, God must go back to what is natural for divinity.

In fact, this story takes me back to the beginning.  This sounds like the creation narrative recorded in Genesis.  God does the best work in nothingness, in the absence of sound and sight.  It is in the presence of nothing that God is most evident and pronounced.

Holy Saturday is the creative darkness needed for the resurrection of Jesus Christ and it is very good.


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