Life after the Resurrection

resurrection-tombLet every man and woman count himself immortal. Let him catch the revelation of Jesus in his resurrection. Let him say not merely, ‘Christ is risen,’ but ‘I shall rise.’
~ Phillips Brooks

Jesus has beaten death with his hands pinned to a cross.  This is no arm wrestle.  His victory gives new meaning to the expression, “He won hands down.”  But, it is not just his hands but his feet that were held down– not with hands but nails.  And he did it without the assistance and intervention of God, forsaken (Matthew 27.46).  He is the undefeated even when his divinity is held back.  This is the power of God!

He is fixed to the cross, secured to suffer.  There is no wiggle room as his movements will only cause pain.  The Christ is captured; the omnipresent God is held in place and made a spectacle by creation.  They have nailed the Hands that feed them.

Afterwards, his body is taken down, placed in a tomb and they roll a stone over the One who can make rocks cry out. The juxtaposition is almost unbelievable.  It is only possible because God allows it.  The story does not fall apart because God is holding it together.

And this is not the end of it.  Wait!  There’s more.

Jesus gets up.  Jesus has been raised from the dead and though not screaming fans, this performance causes the guards to faint (Matthew 28.4).  He is the undefeated God.

He is finished with the cross and the tomb. But, he is not finished with his disciples.  He is not finished with us.  There is life and purpose after the resurrection because Jesus must now teach us how to rise.

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