Freddie Gray: One Year Later

Cf24phIWsAAYUrjMany are asking what has changed one year after the senseless death of Freddie Gray. One year ago, the 21 year old man died after suffering a severed spinal cord after what has been described as “a wild ride” in the back of a police van.  The city of Baltimore burned before our eyes and today, its police officers and citizens are trying to find meaning in the midst of the ashes.

More than a mural or a hash tag, what is the message that we are sending regarding his death?  What are we saying in retrospect?  What does his death mean to us in this moment?  Or, has it lost momentum?  Buried, has the cycle of grief led us to accept his death– no matter its cause?

Unfortunately, for some, his name has just been added to the list.  He is another example, apart of the growing number of deaths while in police custody.  But, that cannot be the end of his life.  Surely, we must carry him on but not just on anniversaries or t- shirts. He is not a product, his name becoming no more than a chant.

No, his life must be returned to him but not the one taken that dreadful day.  But, the one that justice owes him.  We must answer the questions that his death, his buried body raises.  What about me?  One year later, do we have answer?

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