Outsmarting Race

Image result for rat raceIf we are to overpower race, then we must change our position.  Race is not ahead of us; instead, we are creating and re- creating race.  So often is the case that what we create ends up controlling us.  See all things technology.

We forget that we are the molders and shapers, that we are holding the fate of this or that creation in our hands.  And this is the difference between our creations and God’s.  None of what God creates has power over God.  Only we create things to rule over us.  Only we are subjected to people, places, things and ideas.

So if we are to overrule race, then we must judge race.  We must change our position from defendant or plaintiff to judge.  A change in our relationship with race will change the way that we relate to race and how race relates to us.  A measure of respect must return to our common humanity and not be based on the presence or absence of race– because we can live without it.  We have before.

Realizing that race is an option, just another box that we can pack ourselves into (though not neatly) decreases the amount of power and influence that the social construct wields.  We have made race and have introduced race as if without human origins.  We have allowed it rise above us but it is time that it be taken down a notch, a peg or two.

How do we do that?  Stop buying into it.  We believe in race because someone told us to.  Would we really identify ourselves as socially colored beige, brown, brown, red, yellow and white if we were not told to?  Would you have looked in the mirror and attached its meanings to yourself with a personal racialize your identity attendant?  I would guess no.

So, go against the stereotypes.  Do what race says that you shouldn’t and couldn’t and wouldn’t.  “Black people don’t do that.”  “Only white people do this.”

Go (with caution, wisdom and perhaps a few friends) to places where race says you should be caught dead or seen alive.  Mix it up and mingle.  Rub shoulders and hold hands with folks that race says you should stay away from.

Go ahead.  Cross the tracks.  Cross the color line.  Build a bridge and “whistle while you work.”

Defy its descriptions. Challenge its social definitions.  Question its role in your life.  Because who invited race anyway?

Race doesn’t know you better than you, right?  Race can’t tell you who you are.  You are the expert.  You know better.

And you better know that you are even when race isn’t.  When this game is over, you will be left standing and race will have had nothing to do with it.

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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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