Mother’s Nature: A Tribute on Mother’s Day

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She has a way with words, soft- spoken or stern, we know she means business.  Still, open to compromise, she trades in sweets, recants her belief in punishment and concedes though she could have won the argument.  Because the relationship is more important, because that’s her baby.  And we will be her baby even when have our own, even though we have gray hair and wrinkles of our own.  You know how mother is.

Running a domestic empire, she is all things to all the people in her home.  Mother is the hum in this well- oiled machine.  She keeps things going as arranger, composer, conductor and performer.  Playing the drums on the steering wheel as she drops them off at school.  Applauding at recitals, on and off the court and field.  Snapping her fingers as she cooks, confident of her culinary performance.  You know that mother loves you.

She has her hands in everything— wiping tears, patting heads, giving high- fives, kissing cheeks, keeping secrets, sharing stories, pressing capes.  She makes superheroes and heroines, believing in our superpowers as we leap off couches and jump out of trees.  Skinning knees and breaking bones, you know that mother will make it feel better.  Her kisses have magic in them.

And no matter who runs to us, we look for mother because she will love us.  She is eager to hug us.  Her nurturing presence is her nature.  She will care for, tend to, rear and support us.  Through thick and thin, she is faithful to the end, our forever friend and our forever home.

We have lived in her body.  Connected after the cord is cut, there is no separation of mother and child.  She will follow us to the ends of the earth and shuttle us back.  Constructing the railroad and then putting us on the right track.     You know that there is nothing that mother won’t do.

No circus act but she is a mother bear, tight rope walker, juggler and ring master.  She can jump through flaming hoops with a baby on her hip and a cell phone pressed firmly on her ear.  She is the greatest show on earth.  You know that mother will take care of it. 

So, we will take care of you.  Giving you flowers while you live and singing your praises to the top of our lungs—because we know that you would do anything for us, because it is who you are.  Because it is mother’s nature.


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