Living the Dream: Seeing a Raceless Human Being

“There is a dream in the land.  With its back against the wall.  To save the dream for one, it must be saved for all.”

| Langston Hughes

Back against the wall and faced with brick headed people, I will go forward, no matter what is pressed against me, no matter how close hatred gets to me, no matter how many fingers and tongues are pointed at me.  I cannot be held back, held up.  There is no external pressure strong enough to hold me down for long.

Jesus is my older brother and I want to be just like him.  I look way up to him.  He came back from a crucifixion.  He got up from a grave so I can certainly, absolutely rise above these stony hearts.

I won’t come down.  No high horse, still I am riding high.  My head is in the clouds and nothing in this world can be above me now.  My address is celestial.  I share space with sun and moon and stars.  I cannot be contained by dirt- definitions.  That’s all dead to me.  “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”

I am more than this flesh and how others define it.  I am not confined to it.  I am in it but transcended.  Way up above small talk and city limits, eight-hour workdays and weekends that begin the same, infighting and backbiting.  I am hungry for more of me.

Because there is a dream with me.  I am not alone but it keeps me company.  With it, I am a majority of the hopes and visions of many members.  And the numbers aren’t coming down but going all the way up.

So I won’t back down.  There is simply too much of me to keep to myself.  I will pass her down, hand me down to generations coming behind me faster than the world is ready for—because they have eyes to see.  They are highly motivated by the dream.

It is a dream that reveals my present reality and lets me all these characters see, that these social colors don’t give them superhuman strength.  They are and can only be human beings.  They are no different than you and me.

Manufactured differences, they have no real power over you or me, save what we agree to.  It’s all on paper- tongues and we can rip them up.  We can split them up if we stick together instead of dividing to conquer.  Race is about territory and taking up all the space our bodies will provide.  Race is graffiti, written on you and me.  It’s external; don’t let it in.

Choose to live or die free.  Because freedom is always an option.  Don’t let the colors get to you, get next to you, take over you.  Don’t submit.  Don’t yield.  Believe the dream—not what American society and its progeny tell you to see.

Whiteness is not supreme!  White is a color not a country

Whiteness is a delusion, a color put on, a behavior taken on for which persons then take it upon themselves to take what they want—at the expense of others.  Don’t buy it and don’t buy into it.  You don’t need whiteness or any of the other colors that race comes in.  Close your eyes to it and join me in living the dream.  It is not American.  It is not white.

I promise you, it’s not like anything you’ve ever seen but you will recognize it immediately.

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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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