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All Lives Don’t Matter

It is a trending hash tag. #Alllivesdidntmatter is the new response to persons who have quipped "All lives matter" to the Black Lives Matter movement and message.  It is a national conversation on race being played out on social media. The hash tag serves as a frustrating reminder as it seems that there are those who… Continue reading All Lives Don’t Matter

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“All Souls Matter”

The Southern Baptist Convention is being accused of racial bias in its evangelism and outreach efforts.  The members of the Black Lives Matter movement bumped heads with the group at the Nov. 16-18 gathering of the Collegiate Church Planting Collaborative.  Protestors chanted "All souls matter" to point out an alleged lack of diversity at the meeting.  To read… Continue reading “All Souls Matter”

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Trayvon Martin: Blackness and Halloween Costumes

Trayvon Martin.  Most Americans know his name and the story of his death.  But, now his name is strangely associated with Halloween.  Apparently, some persons think that it is acceptable to dress like a dead child and in blackface, no less.  I cannot even begin to describe the callousness of those who think it good fun… Continue reading Trayvon Martin: Blackness and Halloween Costumes

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Race-less and Proud

"Say it loud.  'I'm black and I'm proud.'" ~ James Brown It was 1968 and James Brown was the conductor of a chorus who sang about black pride, empowerment and self- reliance.  It was a call and response of black power.  And timidity was not appropriate; instead, persons were encouraged to "say it loud." In… Continue reading Race-less and Proud


The Blues of Blackness

"Death and life and in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat its fruit." ~ Proverb 18.21, NRSV I am always last but never first, always down and out, never up and over, always angry-- it comes with being black, always defending but never safe. I am born to follow orders but never to… Continue reading The Blues of Blackness

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Race Fact #3

Race was not a social category in the ancient world of the Bible. "The ancient world did not make skin color the focus of irrational sentiments or the basis for uncritical evaluation. ...(T)he ancient world did not fall into the error of biological racism; black skin color was not a sign of inferiority; Greeks and… Continue reading Race Fact #3

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Pride in Blackness Trumps Obama’s Failed Record

As reported by Crystal Wright of Townhall.com, according to the Congressional Black Caucus chairman Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver, the "pride" felt regarding President Obama's socially constructed blackness is more important than holding him accountable for failing to address the social and economic needs of African Americans.  Because he's "black," he is excused from accountability and criticism.