A Prayer to the Peerless God

This morning, I was afforded the opportunity to provide a prayer for a gathering of faith leaders from Washington, D.C.  We were all invited by current Mayor Bowser and former mayor Anthony Williams.  We joined together in celebration of African American history and heritage as well as to reflect on the strides that this community… Continue reading A Prayer to the Peerless God

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A Prayer Request

Today, I am in Louisville, Kentucky.  I am a planner but I could not have seen this coming, that my words would lead me here.  But, there is certainly a since of arrival.  This is where I should be and better still, this is where I belong. An x marked this spot on a map… Continue reading A Prayer Request

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A New Revised Serenity Prayer

God, grant me the serenity to accept that people are not the same, Courage to change my perspective and to challenge my prejudices, And the wisdom to celebrate our differences. Amen.    

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A Thanksgiving prayer at Christmastime

God in the flesh, Christ- Child, mysterious majesty, today we remember the wonder of Your birth.   We lower our gaze to look at God face- to- face. The beginning meets our start.  This is the heart of the gospel. Because God has come to the lowly, to and through the least likely.  What manner of God is this? … Continue reading A Thanksgiving prayer at Christmastime


Pray en masse

While there is debate as to whether or not now is the time to talk about gun control, I am sure that the authorities have not recovered all the bullet casings after an excruciating 72 minutes of gunfire.  In fact, we are still learning about the lives lost.    We are now learning names and… Continue reading Pray en masse


National Day of Prayer: A Prayer for Places of Worship

I was invited again to share in the National Day of Prayer with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, other clergy and government officials.  Praying for our nation or any other is a part of the biblical narrative and our faith tradition.  Though marked on our calendar, this practice of interceding, of talking to God on behalf… Continue reading National Day of Prayer: A Prayer for Places of Worship

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By God’s Name

Every Sunday, I lead our congregation in a time of intercession.  I create sacred space for persons to share their joys and concerns.  And I don't take the task lightly. I am certain that I am facilitating a dialogue, starting a conversation for which some cannot find the words, that I am helping persons open… Continue reading By God’s Name