A Prayer after the Storming of the U.S. Capitol Building

God, who does not come in red, white and blue, who is not an American citizen but who is an out of this world immigrant; who can be claimed by a nation but not contained by one; who is not a cultural mascot, a race- based, handmade, handpicked deity; who creates worlds and does not revolve around our own; whose hands do not support our political machinery which cranks out conspiracy that passes for theology and crushes poor souls impoverished and marginalized for the sake of our capitalistic gain; whose will is not rooted in white supremacist ideology; who would prefer we keep the Church and the State separate, who is not with you and against me.

We confess that You are not segregated, divided, unreconciled, that You have more than two sides, that You cannot be reduced to or made to take sides.

We confess that You created earth and trees, moon and stars but not fences or prisons, not concentration camps or detention centers.

We confess that You don’t carry our water or our flag, tow our ‘color line’ or support our political party.  Because You are just right—not left or right.  Because You don’t need our power or a social platform.  All powerful and Most High, this is all above You and behind You though we put it before You.  It is beneath the expressions of Your unconditional love. 

We confess that You will not love on our terms and under our conditions, that we have no way of writing fine print anywhere near You.

We repent of all the things we say in Your name, three letters, uncontainable though used to trap and trick, conquer and dominate, rape, murder and eat those precious indigenous people, kidnap, smuggle, sell and own African bodies, recreate, rename and claim all bodies should be made in one image—socially colored white.  We repent of these founding sins.

We repent of all the sins done under the cover of night and in broad daylight with a majority made by might and in the name of white and for the sake of whiteness; for unlawful laws, for wrong rights, for redlining Your earth, for contaminating Your image, for polluting Your words, for lynchings and unarmed shootings, the caging of beautiful bodies at borders unnecessarily made, for lost languages, sacrificed traditions and robbed cultures, the siege of this land and later, its buildings.  We repent for all of our taking and not really giving a care about how You felt about it. 

Because we made You in our image and to do our bidding.  Undo us and undo this.  Make us new, less like us and more like You, whatever that is and where ever it takes us and no matter what it costs us.  Just deliver us from this same old, same old hatred and repeat of history.  And keep it a mystery less we attempt to take the credit.  Amen.

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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

4 thoughts on “A Prayer after the Storming of the U.S. Capitol Building

  1. Like Jonah,
    I admit my failure and my sin. I deserve death and truly my sin has brought me to the pit of death.
    I am guilty and deserve the judgement I have received.
    Only God (not the idols I’ve desired) can judge me and He must.
    He waits to hear, he yearns for my submission to His majesty.
    I accept that He has cast me down.
    My desire has not always been for him, I’ve been wrong, I have embraced my sin soaked will with gusto.
    I know that I have been wrong and deserve this fate.
    Yet, I also know He is indeed my refuge, He is my salvation His throne is the seat of judgement.
    His Son is my hope and my Savior. Al of my idols have failed me and His judgement is now my lot.
    His steady Love is my thanks and I will continue to be in His debt.
    Praise You God for the refining You will do.

  2. Powerful. Soul shaking. Prayer. May God hear our prayer, forgive our sins, and undo us and this nation from our wicked ways.

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