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Words we cannot send back

Today, Donald Trump sent another divisive message to his followers via his official Twitter account regarding Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.  For those who would make excuses or who are praying that his racist comments will just blow over, they won't.  Telling people not socially colored white to "go back home" or to "go back to where… Continue reading Words we cannot send back


After Charlottesville: Rally Around Love

I am uncomfortable.  I am unsure of if I should go or stay... in the United States.  Perhaps, my uncertainty is due to President Trump's treatment of the aftermath of the Unite the Right rallies that left one person dead, nineteen injured and a nation on edge.  For many persons, regardless of political party affiliation,… Continue reading After Charlottesville: Rally Around Love

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A round of applause for police brutality?

With the line of what is acceptable being crossed and then pushed back with each outlandish action from the current White House administration and decency being redefined to accommodate the indefensible behavior of President Donald Trump, it is hard not to become disgusted by the hypocrisy.  I am well past feeling disappointed.  What is acceptable, good and right is being… Continue reading A round of applause for police brutality?

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“Where ever the facts lead us”

“We are going to follow the facts wherever they lead us.”  Then, why is the investigation taking so long?  It is a short trip from the podium to the White House.  Or is it because as soon as they are off and running in one direction, Mr. Trump’s tweets throw them off the scent? Some… Continue reading “Where ever the facts lead us”


When the Church wears the emperor’s clothes

“We must change the method but not the message.” This has been the aim of recent generations of Christian leaders. Desiring to “reach the lost for Christ,” we developed radio, television and now social media ministries. We wear skinny jeans and tattoos. We want to meet them where they are but also dress like our… Continue reading When the Church wears the emperor’s clothes


A Prayer that Teaches

I have spent the past couple of weeks preparing for and then preaching and teaching in the tristate area.  Repeatedly, I have heard across age groups and genders this anxiety that with the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States that all is lost, that we have taken ten steps… Continue reading A Prayer that Teaches

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Don’t Wait for Donald Trump

It is no surprise to most Americans that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has made yet another political misstep and refuses to take a step back to examine himself.  Trump recently said that federal judge Gonzalo Curiel, a Mexican American born in Chicago and a graduate of Indiana University, is biased against him.  Trump believes that he would… Continue reading Don’t Wait for Donald Trump