“Too Close To Call”: Why This Election Changes Nothing No Matter Who Wins

“Too close to call.” The vote for President of the United States of America is too close to call. Too close to call after four years of hyper- partisan, fear- mongering, hate your neighbor, the immigrant and the stranger, your suburbs are in danger, racist, sexist, divisive, “very fine people on both sides” speech. It’s still too close to call. And this is hitting too close to home for many people as they look around and realize that their state, their city, their neighborhood, their family is not who they thought they were, that the heart- to- heart conversations didn’t change their perspective.

They still voted for Donald Trump.

This was supposed to be a referendum on his presidency. Americans were supposed to vote against him overwhelmingly. We were to come together as a majority. But this is not the case. We are still split down the middle.

And it’s too close for comfort or complacency. There will be no cheers, no applause, no high fives no matter who is declared the winner. This is not victory. We are still lost, still missing each other completely. We’ve got to do more talking and even more listening.

With European American evangelicals still voting overwhelmingly for Trump, there’s nothing to celebrate. David Swanson is right, writing in Rediscipling the White Church, “Discipleship is rarely discussed at the intersection of race and Christianity…” And we remain at a crossroad, a fork in the road. We are still divided on what it means to be an American and what is meant when persons want to “make it great again.” Because right now, we don’t feel so good.

Businesses boarded up ahead of time for fear of riots and looting, this doesn’t look good. We are anxious and fearful of the uncertainty. Some put their trust in the polls and in the hands of democracy. While others crossed their fingers and toes while praying, “Let it be. Let it be.” Either way, this election is not over, even after the ballots have been counted and a winner has been declared.

Narrow margins, this is too close to call it anything more than more of the same. America hasn’t changed and at least half of her citizens don’t want to. We’ve got about a fifty- fifty chance here. Flip a coin. Heads or tails, it makes no difference. Because we are too divided, too either/ or, too one- sided. Sadly, we waited four years to learn that this election changes nothing no matter who wins.

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