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Ethics Daily reminds us that we cannot do this work alone

I believe in partnerships, in hand- holding, of walking and working together.  While it is not always easy or pleasant and there are certainly cases for which it might seem impossible, the ministry of reconciliation requires such action and movement, crossing the tracks, the social color lines and the aisle.  And it not just coming together. … Continue reading Ethics Daily reminds us that we cannot do this work alone

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Help After the Emanuel AME Church Murders

"Knowing what's right does not mean much unless you do what's right." ~Theodore Roosevelt There is so much terrain to cover and so many layers to our continuing conversation on race and its progeny.  To be sure, I agree with President Obama as to the nature of our conversations moving forward.  He said during Wednesday's… Continue reading Help After the Emanuel AME Church Murders

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A Profile in Goodwill

Today is a humbling one for me.  I received the email notification that I would be profiled on the Ethics Daily website early this morning.  I answered the questions for the interview about a month ago.  I knew that it was coming.  Still, I am deeply grateful for the acknowledgement. Some people work for praise… Continue reading A Profile in Goodwill