Ethics Daily reminds us that we cannot do this work alone

eps-RelationshipsI believe in partnerships, in hand- holding, of walking and working together.  While it is not always easy or pleasant and there are certainly cases for which it might seem impossible, the ministry of reconciliation requires such action and movement, crossing the tracks, the social color lines and the aisle.  And it not just coming together.  The goal is not mere fellowship, of our being able to behave peaceably toward one another or to hold a meaningful though timed conversation if we had to.

It is not just about recognizing differences or even offenses but discovering who we are more fully through relationship.  We cannot see ourselves differently if we do not see others who are different from ourselves. We cannot practice this sacred work by talking to persons of our culture, only working with the people in our communities as we are prone to have the same conversations and draw the same conclusions.

Instead, we must broaden our reach and consequently, our vision, which is why the work of great people like those at Ethics Daily is essential.  We cannot do it all alone.  Everyone has a part to play and they certainly assist me in doing mine better… because we cannot do it alone.

“ is a division of the Baptist Center for Ethics, founded in 1991 with the mission of providing proactive, positive and practical ethics resources to churches.  Our initiatives focus on ‘challenging people of faith to advance the common good.'”




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