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Remembering the Holocaust

Seventy- two years ago today, more than seven thousand people were freed from concentration camps in Auschwitz.  Occurring long before I or my mother was born, this story still sickens me.  I can barely look at the pictures of those who suffered at the hands of Hitler’s henchmen.  Today, I remember those who were kidnapped, robbed, marked/ numbered/ tattooed, starved, tortured, murdered.  And to know that this treatment and their deaths were completely legal.

Today, I “mourn with those who mourn” at the incomprehensible loss and the  devastation of spirit experienced by those who were targeted by unimaginable hate (Romans 12.15).  While the years may have created some distance for us, the Auschwitz Museum offers a virtual panoramic tour.  We cannot let this history fade in our memories because we lost a great part of ourselves.  More than pictures, they are a reflection of who we are.

Remember the Holocaust and the camps we have created– because it is legal.

Who’s hiring?: Race’s Resume


Address: Our minds
All the fields of inquiry have associated themselves with me, attempting to prove my origin, determine my purpose and influence
To further the social gospel of race or the belief that some human beings, based on the social coloring of skin and other physical characteristics, are better than others;  to perpetuate separation and thereby, impede Christ’s ministry of reconciliation
I have worked in government, law and politics, education, religion, sports, restaurants, hotels, malls and other shopping facilities, cemeteries, hospitals, entertainment, transportation and all forms of media to include social.  
Abbreviated List of Accomplishments
Racism: a social hierarchy which seeks to replace God’s plan for humanity, suggesting that the purpose of humanity is determined by the pigment of one’s skin
Trans- atlantic slave trade
American Slavery, 1619
A black/ white/ red/ yellow/ brown/ beige Church and theology
A black/ white/ red/ yellow/ brown/ beige God and son of God
The creation of a racialized devil who comes in multiple social colors
The creation of a racialized heaven and earth
The creation of a racialized will of God and will for humanity
An untold number of lynchings, mutilations, rapes, robberies and other crimes
Minstrel shows, 1830s
Eugenics, 1883
Numerous attempts at genocide: the Armenian Holocaust, April 25, 1915, the Jewish Holocaust in 1933, which resulted in the death of at least six million Jews; the Rwandan Genocide, 1994
The “sundown town”
The Red Summer of 1919
Chicago Race Riot of 1919
Race Riot of Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1921
South African Apartheid, 1948-1994
The murder of Emmett Till, August 28, 1955
The Assassination of Medgar Evers, June 12, 1963
Bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church and subsequent murder of four little girls, September 15, 1963
The murder of three Civil Rights workers, June 21, 1964
The Assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., April 4, 1968
The Race Riots of 1919 and 1968 in Washington, D.C.
The Race Card
Racial profiling also known as “driving while black”
Murder of James Byrd, June 7, 1998
Murder of Amadou Diallo, February 4, 1999
First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs refuses to marry African American couple
The Indian Removal Act, 1830
Dred Scott v. Sanford, 1857
Black Codes, 1866
Chinese Exclusion Act, 1882
Plessy v. Ferguson, 1896
The Immigration Act of 1924
National Housing Act of 1934 (Redlining)
The Nuremburg Race Laws of 1935
Brown v. Board of Education, 1955
Loving v. Virginia, 1958
The Race Card, stereotypes, cultural prejudice, racism, segregation

Giving Race The Slip

I have a color for race: pink. We have employed race in every arena of our lives. There is no action that we take without its advisement, no place that we enter without its preparation. Race provides us our perspective and expectations. Perhaps, it is better to say that race is employing us, working us, using us for its purpose. Ask yourself, “Do I direct race or does race direct me?” Who is taking orders from whom?

If you believe that you are the boss, the leader of your life, that you can turn your stereotypes and prejudices on and off, that you can schedule when and where you will judge persons based on the social coloring of their skin and the historical interpretation of race; If you believe that it’s not a problem but that you can quit thinking racially anytime you want to, then consider evaluating the work of race with me. What has race been hired to do and is it working for you? Is it working for your family? Is it working for your church? Is it working for American society?

What has been race’s job performance in the past: The Jewish Holocaust, South African apartheid, the killing fields of Cambodia, American slavery, lynchings, race riots, Jim Crow segregation? Even today, we remain unable to approach one another because of what race has told us and it slows down our relational and spiritual productivity. Race makes us poor siblings and disconnected disciples of Jesus Christ. Is this what we want? Because this is the resume of race. This is the work experience of race. These are the skills of race. Still, we find ourselves unable to mouth the words, “You’re fired.” We don’t want to give race the slip.

Maybe you can begin with the words, “I quit.”