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A New Revised Serenity Prayer

See the source imageGod, grant me the serenity to accept that people are not the same,

Courage to change my perspective and to challenge my prejudices,

And the wisdom to celebrate our differences.




Segregated Sundays: A Conversation on Race and the Church

Why does the Church of the God “who so loved the world” struggle with embracing a multicultural, multiethnic community (John 3.16)?  Why does the church of the Christ who commanded us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves and who commissioned us to “go and make disciples of all nations” often confine the good news of the gospel to our culture (Mark 12.30-31; Acts 28.19)?  Why does the church of the Spirit that was poured out on all flesh continue judge the expression of the Spirit if it is not expressed based on their cultural expectation (Joel 2.28; Acts 2.17)?  Why aren’t cultural intelligence, diversity and empathy core values of the Church?

These are questions that Christians in North America specifically but all over the world must begin to seriously consider.  But, we need not simply reflect on these questions but ready a response and an action plan.  Because there is a generation that wants answers and wants to see the change in believers and the transformation of the world that the Scriptures attest to.  Below is a video of a conversation on race and the Church.  Prayerfully, their stories speak to yours and inform your journey as we walk behind Christ together.

Don’t let race fool you

April 1st is reserved for pranks.  No serious business today.  But, I thought it could also serve to remind us to not be fooled.  You are more than the eyes can see.  You are race-less and that’s no joke.

Race is not a Mirror

Image result for not a mirror image

Mirror, mirror on the wall… Whiteness is the fairest of them all.”

What do we need or expect to see of ourselves that calls for the social construct of race?  What of our humanity is made visible, evident, real when we become colored people?  What can we not see without the lens of race?  What of our vision of self does race provide, enhance and reveal?

Do you know who you are if you are not addressed by the social construct of race?  Would you know how to answer for yourself if race could no longer speak for you?  Could you find yourself if you could not be socially colored beige, brown, black, red, yellow or white?

Could you see yourself without the social construct of race?  What do you think that you would see in the nakedness of this reality?  What do you and I cover up when we put on race?  What are we hiding behind when we say that we are socially colored beige, brown, black, red, yellow or white?  And why the need for these colors?

Why do we pretend that race is our reflection, that it can see us as nothing else can, that it is our true self, God- given even?

What of ourselves are we ashamed of, embarrassed by, unsure 0r afraid of that we need race to boost our confidence, to hide behind or to shield us from assault?  Why do we keep it so close to us even as it is used to segregate us from ourselves and others?  When it does not show any of us in the best light?  Race is not our good side.

And why can’t we, why don’t we snatch it down, crush the idol under foot?  Why do we make ourselves look at it and like it?  Why do we hang it up in our homes, schools, offices and houses of worship?  How do we lift up race when it is neither Creator nor looking glass?  We are not made in its image and it is no reflection of who we really are.

Race is not sight or vision but prejudice.  It has never really us but looked passed us.  I suspect that it may be blind, blind to our humanity.

I suppose you are wondering, “Why all the questions?”  But, why not?  We would do our identities a great service to question the social construct of race, to challenge its colored-ness.  And to allow these answers to reflect back us what we really see when we say race.

Year in Review: Top Reads of 2016

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I don’t think that there are words to cover the ground of 2016, the depth of loss and grief, the seemingly endless reports of violence, a divisive political election and  loss of notable famous faces.  More than usual or at least in recent memory, there was a desire to be out with the old and to bring in the new.  Many of us could not wait for the year to be over.  Happy New Year.  A declaration, hope traveling on the wings of a prayer, we have made resolutions and cast visions for our future self.  We will be better, greater, more than the year before.

We are scratching people off of our lists while creating reading lists.  It is a time of reflection and review.  Last year, this blog has noted some changes of its own.  Reaching countries and walking through the minds of people in South Africa, the Philippines, Germany, Italy, Libya, Turkey, the Netherlands, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, the Czech Republic, Russia, Argentina and so many others.  Bringing in increased daily traffic through promotion on social media, I aim to create content that not only speaks to the moment but anchors our convictions as God’s race-less children.

While I love all that I write, I have my favorite posts and according to the statistics, so do you.  One of your favorites is not even a blog post but a page, “Defining Race- less,” which speaks to the importance of this message.  I am grateful for another year to unpack and explore the meaning of the race-less gospel of Jesus Christ with you.

Here are the top reads of 2016:

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