I Just Want To See

I cannot trust these eyes
Seeing what they are told
 I hope one day they will belong to me
Before I get too old
To use this body redefined
Labeled with checked boxes and color lines
To catch a glimpse of reality while there’s still time
If only for a little while 
I just want to see
Sick of these social scales on me
I pray that the lies will let me be
If only for a little while
To see the truth,
Naked and unashamed
To no longer live in opinion
But to live with my real name
To hear it echo in my soul
Loosed and free, uncontrolled
The sound pouring from the radio
Proclaim it from the pulpit
As I stand or where I sit
Hear it on the television
Shout it out in the streets
Read it in the newspaper
Hear it on the elevator
Tuck it tightly into my bedsheets
I just want to live to see the day
When all the falsehoods are led away
To experience the peace that needs no explanation
To see life without the prescriptions of frustration
No hurdles or humps, no crooked or dangerous places
To see my face without the knowledge of races
I just want to see things as they really are

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