Race Is No Mystery

The human being is no mystery.  There are witnesses to our beginning and our end, persons who have gone before us and who will follow, persons to bring us into the world and to carry us out of it.  Our ignorance of each other does not mean that we are not known or able to be understood. Our inability to see each other due to the countless categories that we have created and the labels that we hide behind do not mean that we are not visible. Our actions though covert, our meetings though clandestine to some are always revealed because there is nothing new to be said or done.  What is said in secret is already public and what is done in the dark is already in the light.  It has no other option; there is no other way. We are always known, always seen and therefore, creatures, finite and always human.

There is no new name for us.  We have no new problem.  We have already been figured out.  We have already been solved.  God knows our problem: sin and has already provided a solution: Jesus Christ. There is no difficulty related to us that cannot be overcome.

Likewise, race is not esoteric.  It possesses no secret or transcendent knowledge of who we are or who we will be.  It is but another human plan given human power for human reasons.  There is nothing magical, divine, sacred or mysterious about race.  It is but another category, another label that need only be lifted or looked under to reveal its true self.

It is no different from the Old Testament gods made of silver, gold, stone and wood.  It is a god made with our hands, formed with our tongues, shaped by our actions.  We created race and then tried to make it scientific, biological, cultural, biblical and legal.  Race was not before us but is here because of us.  It is we that have made race; it is no self- existent truth, no innate presence.  Race is no oracle or prophet.  All that it has to say about us is the gossip and hearsay of humans.  All of its predictions are our rumors.  It is nothing more than watercooler talk.

The beliefs of race are what we believe about ourselves and others and are therefore, biased.  The rituals of race are the hoops and hurdles that we have formed and are therefore, self- serving.  The truths of race and its social predictions are the lies that we tell ourselves and are therefore, unreliable.  Race is no mystery; we simply benefit from not knowing. We need only live to know who they are.  There is only one way to be a human and it’s no mystery.


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