It’s a Stretch (II)

I see my belief in and practice of the race-less life as a demonstration of social non-comformity. Race is too constrictive for my personality, my goals and aspirations.  It gets in the way of any forward movement. Besides, I simply don’t fit into a race and wouldn’t want to if I could. The only things that I like that come in boxes are shoes and diamonds. I don’t like the boxes of race because I don’t believe that all of who I am can be expressed by the social coloring of my skin or even my culture. The box does not inform persons of my love of books, the special relationship that I shared with my grandmother, Eva Mae and my great grandmother, Josephine or the faith that they raised me on.

Like Noah who built an ark though there had never been rain (Genesis 6-7), I speak day after day of a time when race will not be even though race is all that we have ever known.  We may have never lived in a society where race has been stripped of its meaning and authority but that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible and so I write.  Or, like David, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who promised to look better than those who ate the king’s meat (Daniel 1) or the three Hebrew boys who refused to bow down to the golden image (Daniel 3), I refuse to submit to race and believe that my life will look better, be more clearly defined than those who employ racialized terms.

We’ve never seen our lives any other way.  We’ve always been defined as colored people: black/white/red/yellow/ brown/beige.  But, what has “going along to get along” done for us?  We cannot go along and run with Jesus Christ.  I know it’s a stretch but it will assist us in running the race that Christ has set before us (Hebrews 12.1).


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