I Once Was Blind

“Then they came to Bethsaida. They brought the blind man to Him and begged Him to touch Him.  He took the blind man by the hand and brought him out of the village.  Spitting on his eyes and laying His hands on him, He asked, “Do you see anything?”  He looked up and said, “I see people– they look to me like trees walking.”  Again Jesus placed His hands on the man’s eyes and he saw distinctly.  He was cured and could see everything clearly.  Then He sent him home saying, “Don’t even go into the village.”

Mark 8.22-26, Holman Christian Standard Version

Seeing in color is blindness.  If the only thing that I can see about each human being that I encounter is the social coloring of their skin and from that, I draw meaning, then I have not and cannot really see them at all.  Like the man healed of blindness, we need to be touched again as there are some things that we do not see correctly.  Though believers in Jesus Christ, we don’t see people clearly.  We do not see people as they have been created but instead, we see colors.

Seeing myself or another as a racial being is indicative of spiritual blindness.  If I or you still see persons and as a result, treat persons according to their race as society would then we have yet to be changed.  I would argue that our eyes have yet to be converted.  And we are no different from the man in Bethsaida whom Jesus took out of the village before healing him.  Perhaps, we will have to remove ourselves from familiar people and places in order to be healed of race, its prejudices and stereotypes. But this morning, I won’t my testimony to include the words, “I once was blind but now I see myself and others as God sees us.”  Amen.

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