Today is the National Day of Prayer. It is another opportunity to drop our heads, sink to our knees, clasp our hands together and talk to the One who knows the words on our tongue before they arrive yet inclines His ear to hear them all (Psalm 139.4). We pause to talk to the One who can wipe away our tears and yet collects them (Psalm 56.8), the God who is all- powerful and yet tender toward us.

We are reminded that refuge is found only in the name of our God and that You have given Your Son, Jesus, the name that is above all others.  And it is the name of Christ that I submit my morning prayer:

Dear God,

Remove from me what is unclean
Let not my eyes see what is impure
Take away the sin fashioned by my hands
Your presence to ensure
Stop the sound of violence
Plug my ears to the voice of bloodshed
The screams of anguish and of anger
You are the God of the living not the dead[1]
Don’t let the enemy encircle me
Don’t allow what is dark to enclose
Shine Your light all around me
My steps You dispose
I pray Your Spirit envelope me,
Your Word contain me,
Your arms surround me
Your will sustain me.

[1] Mark 12.27

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