Collecting Questions

Questions. It seems that I have an endless supply of them, especially when it comes to race. I guess that I collect them. In fact, I am always looking for the right word and more specifically, the right question to unravel the social construct of race. I sit and think not about answers to race but questions because I want to be credited with its undoing. I consider it a calling.

I know that race is vast and complicated and has been around for a long time. So, I am planning for its demise because I may not be around when it happens. I hope to enlist others that would assist in its funeral arrangements, who would agree to begin to question race. Today, I jotted down a few questions for you and I to consider. Please add any that these questions raise.

1. How does race influence our religious experience, our relationship with God through Jesus Christ?

2. What do you believe to the be acts of God, blessings and curses, that are based on race? What do you base these beliefs on (e.g. education, experience, history, etc.)?

3. How is God/ Does God work through race? If yes, how so?

4. Is God using race or is race using God? How do you know this to be true?

5. What is God’s relationship with race?

6. Does race determine how or when we practice our faith? If so, how is race involved in the practice of our faith?

7. What does race teach us about God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit? How are these views supported by the Bible?

8. What is God able to do about race in light of God’s attributes?

9. How does race inform our understanding of the image of God and that of Jesus Christ?

10. What does race have to do with the Christian faith?

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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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