Because Race Said So

There is no interrupting race and there is nothing that we can do to change its decisions about us. What the social coloring of our skin says about us goes.  There is no other interpretation and subsequently, no other reality. To challenge or to question race would be disrespectful. It is race that has made us and not we ourselves, right? This is how we were made. Or, is this how we were made to, informed to look at persons?

Race was here before us and has already had every experience, considered every thought that we might have about our lives. Race has not walked in our footsteps; race is our footsteps as we only go where race has gone. We do not travel off the beaten path because what would life be like without race? The possibility seems foolish to consider as race is unconsciously viewed as a creator and sustainer of all things.  All things work together for the good of those that race chooses. It is because race says so.

Because race says so and has said so– the word of race is seemingly eternal. We cannot get around it or out of it.  Though race is really not speaking to us but about us, we don’t even interrupt to ask for clarification.  There is no dialogue as the voice of race is authoritative, tyrannical even.  We are black/ white/ red/ yellow/ brown/ beige because race said so. We will question God but we will not question race. We accept and claim to understand the will of race but expect the plans of God to line up with our own. How can this be possible?

Is there nothing within our faith that would cause us to fight against race?  Is there nothing that empowers us against its prejudices and stereotypes? Have we seriously reflected theologically about the social reality of race? If so, then how did we make race divine and subject our God to its image?  What of God’s attributes are affirmed in a racialized faith?  Do you not know the answer or do you not want to know the answer… because race said so?

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