What is race doing with our lives?  What is race doing to our lives?  What is race doing for our lives?  What are its benefits, the reasons that we continue to employ it, to keep it, to depend on it?

What have we done with our lives, to our lives and to the lives of others because of race?  What is the end of race, its goal, its will for humanity?  And I assure you that the will of God and the will of race are not synonymous so if this were your conclusion, then you will need to change your answer.  They do not support one another save our poor interpretations of the Bible.

We do not ask these kinds of questions.  These questions do not cross our minds daily or throughout the course of a year or even in a lifetime.  We seek to know the aim of our lives and if we have satisfied it on our deathbed or when faced with a dire prognosis.  But, what if we posed these kinds of questions at the beginning of life or even the middle of life?

I believe that at no point in our lives will we say, “I wish that I had been blacker/ whiter/ redder/ browner/ yellower/ beiger.  I wish that I had done more with the social coloring of my skin.  I wish that I would have hated more or sooner or quicker.  I wish that I would avoided more people and judged more people prematurely because of race.  We do not make these assessments and we will not say these things because race does not matter ultimately.  We know this.  We know this.  Still, it persists because of our sinfulness, our pride, our greed and yes, our self- hatred and poor self- understanding.

Still, if race is not relevant when facing death or life- changing illness then it is certainly irrelevant when looking at and living life.  We don’t need a lot of time to draw this conclusion.  We need only to decide that it is is unnecessary, to stop thinking about race.

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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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