Let There Be ___________

We see no change in terms of the social construct of race and certainly in other areas of our lives because we speak no change.  We repeat our personal and limited histories with our mouths and then, we live it again and again.  We have no faith in a future without race; we cannot see one without it.  Trapped in time past, we can neither live down the shame that race has caused nor live up to the standards of perfection that race has created.

But, if we desire things to be different, our perspective must change.  And while that change certainly begins in our minds, it is worked out in our mouths.  It is not enough to think that God created us without the social additive of race.  No, we must say it.  We must say it until we are fully persuaded, until we believe it with all of our being.

This means that the declarative statement: I am not a racial being must be said more than once or twice.  This declaration of freedom from race is not limited to special conferences or spiritual retreats.  It should not just be spoken when we are feeling good and when good things are happening.  No, it must be spoken all the time.  We must pray it without ceasing.

This internal meditation and spiritual hum within us will create a buzz about us.  It will turn our hearts away from race and we will begin to speak more passionately about the solutions to a racialized life rather than the problem that the social contract has created.  We will spend more time talking about the answer: God rather than allowing a social construct to question our existence, our beauty, our place in God’s earth.

God spoke.  It is His tool for creating.  But, God did not say, “Let there be socially colored white people. Let there be socially colored black people.  Let there be socially colored red people.  Let there be socially colored yellow people.  Let there be socially colored brown people.  Let there be socially colored beige people.”  No, God created us as one people from one person: Adam.  God is one image and we are made in it (Genesis 1.27).

What have we created with our mouths?  What other image have we called into existence?  We are one people as God is one God.  So, let there be unity.  Let there be peace in our bodies and with the bodies of our neighbors.  Let there be hope in the God of love and faith that we can express it just like our Divine Parent.  Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean you can’t say it.

Say something different.  Say what you want to see.  Create something new.  Don’t be afraid.  Fill in the blank.  Let there be ________________.

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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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