Ten Power Thoughts for the Race-less Life

If you want to change how you see yourself, you have to change how you say yourself.  I am…  It is easy to say who you are (or at least who you think or hope yourself to be); but, it takes courage to say who you are not.  It takes power.  It is my life’s task to assist others in thinking without the social construct of race as it is not a source of spiritual support but a crutch of carnal dependency.

Saying that you are not a racial being, that you are not socially colored black/brown/ beige/ red/ yellow/ white takes courage but it also takes strength.  I draw mine from God.  I believe that God has given me these thoughts concerning race and they are why I feel powerful and not powerless when it comes to race.

They are not in any order as one is not more important than the other; in fact, they build upon and support one another.  I pray that these thoughts might give you the courage to walk away from race and trust in our Creator’s power to identify us fully and truly.

1.  Forget about race. It never thinks about you as an individual, just in stereotypes.

2.  Claiming a racial identity is not proof of self- acceptance but evidence of self- denial.

3.  Don’t fight for race. It does not defend who you are.

4.  Race is not a new beginning but an old start.

5.  I am a witness to God’s creative power not race’s.

6.  I am from the earth, made of the earth.  There is no place on earth where I don’t belong.

7.  We are called to copy Christ’s actions not his appearance.

8.  Race questions your identity.  God answers the question.

9.  As Christians, the only leader of “our ” people is Christ. We are people of God only.

10.  Race says you are loved, accepted and valuable because of how you look.  God says you are loved because He made you in His image.

I could certainly give you ten more.  But, this is a very good start.  May our God strengthen your mind with these power thoughts.





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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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