God Did His Best

imagesGod did His best when He created each of us.  Race cannot improve upon us.  And there is nothing that race adds to us that takes away from what God has given us and who God has called us to be.  When God said us, spoke us into being that settled us.

No hesitation.  No questions.  No doubts.  No second- guessing His work.  We are finished.

Race cannot diminish us, restrict us, limit us without our permission and participation.  It takes two to be a racial being– both race and us.  Because race is not a being, a person and race is certainly not God.  No, race is a word that we have spoken and should be left unsaid for the next generation.

We were not created to be lesser or better but God’s best.  The only category for God’s creation is best.  There are no better or worst human beings as God is Perfection and the Perfectionist.

And there is nothing that race says about us or our respective cultures that impacts the promises that God has for us.  The only categories for God’s promises are “Yes and Amen” (Second Corinthians 1.20).  Despite sin’s marring, we remain on the Potter’s wheel, treasures in earthen vessels (Jeremiah 18.1-12; Second Corinthians 4.7).  In the end, we will all work for His good and to His glory (Romans 8.28).

God is also not embarrassed or ashamed of us because of race.  God is not ducking down in heaven when we look up or point to Him, not wanting to be associated with or known by this or that socially colored group.  God does not walk beside us in disguise  because He doesn’t want to be seen with us due to stereotypes.  God does not believe in race.

No, we are all made in God’s image, every single one of us, because God is proud of His image.  So, we are not a mistake or a problem.

We are all His mirrors but race creates the cracks and attempts to shatter His image.  Race does not want us to see ourselves as God’s best work, a part of God’s plan and the Big Picture.  But, go ahead and smile anyway.  Race is not a photographer.  You are His best!


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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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