Colored by the number



Many of us see ourselves as a colored person.  We are black people, white people, red people, brown people, yellow people, beige people.  Well, maybe the first two are true.  The color wheel doesn’t turn beyond black and white for much of America.  Instead, much more of American society and even other parts of the world are spoken of in terms of black and white.

We seem to be able to see persons as black and white and maybe even brown but yellow, red and beige do not prove as easy to accept.  These colors are easier said than actually seen; despite this discrepancy, we live by the color wheel.  Still, we color ourselves in.

1 is White and/ or Beige

2 is Yellow

3 is Brown

4 is Black

5 is Red

It is so very important to be colored by the number, majority and minority.  We have been taught that it is the only way to count or be counted.  It is the only means of sight and being seen.  And we want to be “in the number” so we pick a color.

And we color God in.  We stereotype and prejudge God based on the social construct of race.  We allow the words of human beings to define the Word- God and we make God a colored person.  Many of us believe that God doesn’t count if He is not colored in.


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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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