I’ve heard it all before


Race frustrates me for many reasons but one that I can’t seem to make sense of is the repetition.  Race has not said anything new about any human being to date.  And I’m tired of hearing the same old story of us versus them, the same old fears: they are going to get you or they want you, the same old prejudices: they are not good people, not to be trusted, mixed up with, hung around, the same old stereotypes: you can only be master or slave, in or out, up or down.  I’m tired of having conversations and marches and prayer vigils and elections only to come to the same conclusions: hate and separate.

And I am supposed to believe that EVERYONE from this culture is bad, up to no good and on the earth to be the representatives of evil?  I am also to believe that EVERYONE from that culture is good, the poster culture of righteousness and dwells in the earth to make it good.  Please forgive me but I can’t.

To suggest that there is no new person under the sun, that every member of the world is just more of the same does not say much about our Creator.  How is it that there is great diversity in insects and reptiles, trees and flowers, variations in the size of bodies of water and the shape of mountains, clear distinctions between animals, birds and fish?  But, all human beings are the same?

It only works if you believe in the category of race.  And I don’t so… please forgive me if I cannot sit for another conversation on race and “you people” and the ominous they.  I cannot pretend that I am interested, that I don’t know the ending to this conversation, the latest, old story.  So, please forgive me if I excuse myself in order to entertain something new because I’ve heard it all before.

I’m now listening for the sound of me.  Shhhh.



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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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