You Can’t Fail


I don’t like race.  I think that this is obvious by now.  But, what I cannot understand is why so many people do, why they choose to accept it despite all of its bad words and behavior, why we give it so much power and allow it to tell us who we and others are and how we are to interact with each other.  We act as if we do not have any other options, as if we are stuck with race.

But, we are not.  We don’t have to put up with race and its designations, its categories, its false prophecies that we have to make true.  That’s right.  We do the work of race.  It is nothing without us.

One of the things that I find troubling is the predictions of race, that according to race, persons can just look at you and tell you that you will fail.  But, our ability to perform and be successful is not determined by what is seen and not even what persons say.

We are not the words of people but the words of God.  People do not speak us into existence.  God does.  Race does not speak us into existence.  God does.

So, race says that based on the social coloring of your skin, because of your culture, your physical features, your geographical location, you will fail.  What a lie!  Race’s stereotypes are opinions, biased guesses, prejudicial hopes.

The truth is that you cannot fail because we are the spoken word of God.  It impossible for anything that God says to fail.  Everything that God creates, He creates to perform well and to be successful.  The fact is that you are the amazing, incredible, miraculous word of God.

You cannot return to God void, empty, unperformed (Isaiah 55.11).  You must do as He says because you are what He says.  You cannot fail because your Creator is not a failure.  You are God’s word, success-filled.  “Live, move and have your being” as God’s word not race’s stereotype (Acts 17.28).

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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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