Teach me

imgres-2Race makes us think that we are know- it- alls, that there are no new people under the sun: “If you’ve seen one, you seen them all.”  Consequently, we don’t stop to look or listen to anyone anymore.  We ask persons, “How are you doing?” but don’t wait for the answer.  It is but a formality.  We don’t really want to know.

Because we already know how they are.  It is just the way it is.  Race has us all figured out we conclude.

But, I believe that there is someone much deeper on the inside of us, that there is something being said that will require the quieting of fear and hatred, of apathy and skepticism, of prejudice and stereotypes.  It will require that we silence race if only for a few minutes.  I wonder what would we hear if we hushed race, if we asked race to leave the room, leave our minds?  I invite you to sit in silence and let God be the Teacher.  I suspect you will discover there is much that we don’t know about our selves or each other, that race doesn’t know it all.

I must warn you, God is not involved in shouting matches but often speaks in whispers so find some place where you can be alone and be quiet.  Shh.  God is speaking.  Did you hear Him?

“Teach me to stop and listen,

Teach me to center down.

Teach me the use of silence,

Teach me where peace is found.


Teach me to hear your calling,

Teach me to search your Word.

Teach me to hear in silence,

Things I have never heard.


Teach me to be collected,

Teach me to be in tune.

Teach me to be directed,

Silence will end so soon.


Then it’s time for moving,

Grant it that I may bring,

To every day and moment,

Peace from a silent spring.”

~ Ken Medema

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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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