If God’s not dead

imgres-1“He is not here; he is risen.”

~ Matthew 28.6

During this season of Lent, Christians all around the world are remembering the death of Jesus the Christ.  While many of us have committed to identifying with his sufferings for our salvation through fasting, prayer and private devotion, there is a joy in this sacred service.  Because we are not mourning the death of Jesus.

We know the end of the story.  He will rise.  The grave will not keep him.  Death will be robbed and disciples throughout the centuries have reported the crime.  “He is not here; he is risen.”

We are walking alongside him, following in his footsteps because we are baptized believers who identify with Christ in his death as well as his resurrection.  “We are resurrection people,” I heard the Reverend Gardner Taylor say one Easter morning some years ago. We live Jesus’ life and it is abundant because he is abundant, more God than we could imagine or think.

So then, if Christ is risen, if he is not in the grave, if God is not dead, then why is our faith not alive and kicking?  Why is our faith not active, animate, lively?  Why does it sit on pews and not move as if mourning the cross?

Why does it stare blankly when asked questions, unmoved by the opportunity to share his life with others?  Why do we fold our arms, close our eyes and walk through life as if blind, behaving as if we possess not the eyes of faith?  If God is not dead, then we have so much to live for.

So, get up.  Stop fishing.  Stop looking.  He is not here.  Get your faith moving because he is risen!

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