If God’s not dead (Pt. 2)

a98625a5087d4fbe2b7fb13ea3635f49During this season of Lent, when Christians draw closer to Christ and remember his sufferings for us, I wonder what of Christ’s death impacts us today?  How do we feel about it?  What do we do about it?  Are we stuck in the grieving process?

Because if God’s not dead, then why do we act like He is?  Often, we enter the sanctuary somber, walking as if we are joining a funeral procession.  And this is not said to discount those who are experiencing a season of grief or are weighted down with some care or concern.  No, this message is for those who laughed in the car and then wiped the smiles off of their faces as soon as they got out of it.

Is there nothing to smile about as a believer in Christ?  Is worship no laughing matter?  Is worship serious business?

And why don’t we sing when we come to church?  Do we think that God cannot hear us, that the Church is more of a coffin, the sound buried behind our closed doors?  Perhaps, it is buried under our closed mouths.

Why do we not clap?  Is there nothing of God’s works to applaud?  Do we not celebrate His goodness or have we come to mourn the memory of God?

If God’s not dead, then I think it is time that we start acting like it, believing like it, worshipping like it.  If God’s not dead, then we’ve got something to smile about.  If God’s not dead, then neither is our faith.

So, get up and clap.  Get up and sing.  And get up with a smile.  He is risen!

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