Extra! Extra!

extraStop the press!  No.  Not really.  In fact, I am grateful for the opportunity to write for Baptist News Global each month and to share my perspective on the Christian faith, its formation and practice.  Yes, I write and talk about and preach on subjects that are not race- related.  And this month’s column is titled “Christ’s body image.”  It is a reflection on the church’s appearance and what she has done to connect to the next generation of believers.

And the press does not stop there.  Today, I am being featured on the Baptist Women in Ministry website.  Every Friday, they feature a woman minister to show that “This is what a minister looks like.”  Along with a very nice picture of me is an interview that focuses on my current ministry setting, those who have shaped me as a minister and what advice I would offer to a teenager who is sensing a call to ministry.  It won’t cost you dime.  This is extra! Extra!  So, read all about it!

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