Take a risk

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“There is only one way to avoid criticism: Do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”

~ Aristotle

While I knew that God desired that I denounce race, I did not know exactly how to say it without hurting someone’s feelings or sense of self.  There are millions of people who identify with race and identify themselves through a racial identity but I could not.  Perhaps, I am the one in a million for which this category does not fit.

But, my fear did not prevent me; it did not stop my mouth.  In fact, not saying it would have silenced me altogether.  Race simply does not speak for me and I could never live with myself if I agreed with what it said about others. So, I chose to take a risk.

William Du Bois said, “The most important thing to remember is this: to be ready at any moment to give up what you are for what you might become.”   I didn’t have to wait until a certain age, until I could legally drive or vote or smoke or enlist in war or drink alcoholic beverages.  I didn’t have to wait until the middle of my life.  But, I could change now because I was ready to give up race for what I might become.

Now, I don’t know who I will be but I do know that the racial identity by which I existed is so much smaller than who I am even now. I am fuller and freer in step and speech today than when I first said it, “race- less.”  And I will say it again and again as an invitation to change and a demonstration of faith in the process of becoming.

I am worth the risk and so are you.  So, take it.  Take the risk.


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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

5 thoughts on “Take a risk

  1. So there is race as self identity and race as people identify us.

    We can reject labeling ourselves and reject labeling others into races – but most people will still label us into a race.

    What would you say to acknowledging and loving the diversity and beauty of all races?

    Wouldn’t that be a healthy belief; and less stress than bucking the main stream?

    I can understand rejecting stereotypes. But do we need to reject the concept of race in order to reject stereotypes?

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