He is risen! Now what? (Pt. 2)

apathy-1The Easter lilies are turning brown and drooping.  The angels are no longer at the tomb.  Jesus is not there.  He is risen!  He has shown himself to Mary Magdalene.

And what of the cross?  What do we do with it?  He is not there either.

We have read the Scriptures and remembered the story.  We have sang the songs and given thanks.  That’s it, right?  Wrong.

He is risen and now, we must rise.  It makes no sense for us to look into the tomb and see that Jesus is not there and then climb into our own.  Perhaps, your tomb does not have a marker; maybe it does not have a name.  But, if it prevents you from living in the power of the resurrection then, it is a grave.

Allow this word to dig you out and to pull you up.  “Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed!”  Now, it’s your turn.

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