Beyond Prejudice


I often look for resources to share that might assist us in our journey toward understanding ourselves apart from the social construct of race.  Deconstructing this identity is more complicated than the “peeling back the layers.”  It is deeply imbedded in who we are and believe others to be.

The paradigm of race must be addressed from all angles and sides.  We must answer every question and remove it as a potential answer to our being together.  One area that must be addressed daily are our prejudices.

Beyond Prejudice is a website that seeks to assist us in examining and ridding ourselves of these preconceived, ill- informed and one view fits all people perspective.  They offer numerous tools and resources for assessing and reducing our prejudices.  The creators of the site had this to say about prejudice:

“Prejudices exist. It is an undeniable force within our society, so prevalent that it can be found within the most open-minded people and enlightened organizations, subtly taking its toll despite the best of intentions.

To recognize the insidious and pervasive power of prejudice is to take the first step toward defeating it. Assigning blame or guilt, however, will often yield avoidance, denial, and defensiveness. Understanding that prejudicial thinking can be greatly diminished through commitment and education will bring people together to successfully solve this shared problem. It is toward this end that Beyond Prejudices is committed.”

If you want to see beyond race to who you really are, then look in this direction.

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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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