The Truth You Already Know


Let me begin by saying that this is not a suggestion or even advice.  I am only going to write the obvious truth that we choose to ignore.  We really do know better.

And while our reasons vary as to why we continue to lift up the social construct of race as a source of identity and understanding of our differences, there is no denying it through Scripture or science that race is not real.  Instead, it is a figment of our imagination.  But, we already know this.

We also know that we are not beige/ black/ brown/ red/ yellow/ white people.  What we have to find out is why we feel the need to identify with the social coloring of skin and not our Creator.  Why are we more comfortable being a white person than one of God’s people?  Why do we feel the need to compare, to size up and sort when we know that our humanity is one size fits all?

We know that there is no human race, that there are only human beings, that the belief that some are superior is the stuff of science fiction novels. God does not make scrap people but always creates with and for a purpose.  We have created these categories to make ourselves appear better.  But, we already know this.

We use prejudice as a barrier to forming new relationships and to avoid seeing people altogether.  It is prideful to suggest that some people are worth seeing while others are not, that some people should be in the center and others kicked to the margins.  But, we already know this.

We use stereotypes to avoid the painstaking and personal process of thinking of people as individuals and not lumping them into groups.  It feeds the illusion of omniscience as we don’t really know how all those people are.  But, we already know this.

So, if we know so much, then why is there no change in our thinking? I believe it because we have not even begun to learn who we are.

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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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