Put Your Foot Down!

Put Your Foot DownBefore you get any ideas, this is not an endorsement to become oppositional or to rebel in any form.  This is not a call for you to throw your weight around or to raise your voice.  That would be just one interpretation of today’s post.  So, don’t print this out or make a sign f it.  Let’s cancel the protest before it even starts.

During this season of Lent as we follow the footsteps of Jesus, we should be reminded of the impression that he made in the earth.  Because of Christ’s life and ministry, death and resurrection, we stand on solid ground.  The hymn writer called Jesus the solid rock, singing, “On Christ the solid rock I stand/ All other ground is sinking sand/ All other ground is sinking sand.”

When you walk and where ever you walk, put your foot down.  Live securely, knowing that this world was made for you and you for it.  I know that we are visiting other planets but for now, your home is earth and until you can afford the price of a space shuttle ride, it is where you belong.

No matter what is said and no matter what has been done to you, remember what God has said and what Christ has done for you.  Walk with your head up and put your foot down hard.  Walk steady and secure in your position.

You were planted here by the Gardner so grow and flourish.  Make an impression.  Leave a mark.  More than scratching the surface of our existence, leave a dent.  Put your foot down because Christ laid his life down.

Live deeply.  Don’t lose your footing.  The ground of our faith is not and never will be shaky.  No, Christ’s cross is secure. “Stand firm in your faith” (First Corinthians 16.13).

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