Happy 5th Anniversary!

images-1So, I don’t have roses or a card.  I did not make dinner reservations or write a special song.  But, what I can promise you is my continual commitment to conversations about race.  I love to talk about race.  It is never impolite to bring it up in my company.

I began this journey because of my distaste for words that color- coded our humanity.  I didn’t have the words for it then.  I had more questions than answers, more anxiety than confidence.  But, little by little, day by day, word by word and post by post, that is no longer the case.

I have managed to put race in its place and it is not the voice of naivete that speaks.  More than being post- racial, I know that our identity in Jesus Christ is pre- racial, that we existed before race.  Race can get behind me because it was not before me.  It can step aside because it was never apart of the creation of me.

I began this journey with words like race-less, aracial anthropology,  race-lessness, racial eliminativism and many others five years ago.  We began as The Daily Race and now we are Race-less Gospel.  From a blog to an official website, I am wondering what is next.

I am certainly looking forward to going deeper.  I desire to submerge my soul in all things in spiritual.  Race will not survive such a plunge.  It will have to float back to the top, always superficial.

Happy anniversary and may you and I have many more days to talk about our lives, our communities and God’s world without race.

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