A Race-less Plan

IMG_9332God doesn’t need race.  God doesn’t use race to determine your future.  There is no r- a- c- e in God.  Jeremiah records the voice of the Lord and God takes all the responsibility for your hope and future.  It’s not based on our physical appearance or social approval rating.  No, God has big plans for you and I.

The prophet Jeremiah records the voice of the Lord and these words are worth repeating.  They are not aimless.  God is not fiddling around in holy pockets.  “Now what do I do with this person that I’ve created?” Scratching the head is not an option for the omniscient God.

Jeremiah has captured the voice of the Lord passionate and confident about the divine intentions of our life.  While we may not know, God is sure of the plan for our lives.  God says, “Don’t let the prophets and diviners that are among you deceive you and do not listen to the dreams they dream, for it is a lie that they are prophesying to you in my name; I did not send them” (29.8-9, NRSV).

God interrupts, buts in.  “Excuse Me.  These people have the title of prophet but their gifts don’t work Me.  They may have a gift but I didn’t give it to them.  I have a plan for you.”  It is important to note that not all prophets or persons with gifts of sight have the vision of God.  Likewise, God does not need the input of race to determine your purpose in life.  Despite what stereotypes or prejudices see, they do not sit on an advisory board for God.

No, go to the Source.  Ask God because it is not just the beginning of something.  It’s not even a step- by- step process. God is not looking at you, the instructions and the extra parts wondering, “Now what do I do with these?”

God is not figuring it as you go.  God is not tweaking the outcome as you grow.  No, God has you figured out from beginning to end.  And it’s a race-less plan, fool- proof, stereotype- free. God’s got hope and a future for you that is all your own.

Just pick it up.  It’s been paid for, bought with the blood of Christ.  All you have do is pick it up, take up his cross.  Leave race behind and follow Christ.

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Seeking to lead words and people to their highest and most authentic expression, I am the principal architect of a race/less world.

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