A Prayer to the Eternal Day of Pentecost

pentecostSpirit of the Living God, Eternal Day of Pentecost, who is without boundaries or borders, who cannot be boxed up, stored away or kept from Your people, we confess that You are without limitation or restriction, impossible to be categorized or contained. Thank You for coming down from heaven to fill us, to touch us, to pour out Your Spirit who has spilled onto generation after generation.

We confess that You are not built to suit or made to order. You are beyond what we can figure out or reason. You are the Mystery, revealed in Jesus Christ and by Your Spirit. You are the Word that defies all description and yet, You allow us to call You by name: Abba, Jesus, God.

You are the God of all nations, of all people, the God undivided, unsegregated. You are the Family God who calls us all to come to the table of fellowship, to come to the house of worship. You can take care of all people—no matter where we find ourselves.

We talk to You because You answer us. We ask that You would answer our prayers, that You would pour Your Spirit upon all flesh today and set our tongues on fire. Set our hearts ablaze and give us the language of our neighbor and the stranger so that we might bear witness to Your ministry of reconciliation. Make us your Spirit- people.

Today and all days, blow where You will and upon whomever You choose. Blow down our defenses and presumptions. Blow us away with Your power and blow our minds today as we worship. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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