ICYMI: “23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black in America”

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Alicia Keys, along with other celebrities, have offered a video as a public service announcement.  I weep.  What kind of public have we created if this is the announcement?

Due to the national attention garnered by yet another and another police- involved shooting that resulted in the death of an African American, there has been increased discussion of “the talk.”  It is the conversation that parents of African American children, those socially colored black, have with their children.  It is mainly given to boys but with the deaths of Sandra Bland and other women, parents now talk to their girls about how to survive a traffic stop.

“Comply.  Do whatever they say.  Swallow your pride.  Keep your hands on the steering wheel.  Address the officer with respect.”

They want their child to come home after an interaction with the police.  They want them to live to tell the story… because there are at least 23 three ways that could prevent them.

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