Year in Review: Top Reads of 2016

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I don’t think that there are words to cover the ground of 2016, the depth of loss and grief, the seemingly endless reports of violence, a divisive political election and  loss of notable famous faces.  More than usual or at least in recent memory, there was a desire to be out with the old and to bring in the new.  Many of us could not wait for the year to be over.  Happy New Year.  A declaration, hope traveling on the wings of a prayer, we have made resolutions and cast visions for our future self.  We will be better, greater, more than the year before.

We are scratching people off of our lists while creating reading lists.  It is a time of reflection and review.  Last year, this blog has noted some changes of its own.  Reaching countries and walking through the minds of people in South Africa, the Philippines, Germany, Italy, Libya, Turkey, the Netherlands, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, the Czech Republic, Russia, Argentina and so many others.  Bringing in increased daily traffic through promotion on social media, I aim to create content that not only speaks to the moment but anchors our convictions as God’s race-less children.

While I love all that I write, I have my favorite posts and according to the statistics, so do you.  One of your favorites is not even a blog post but a page, “Defining Race- less,” which speaks to the importance of this message.  I am grateful for another year to unpack and explore the meaning of the race-less gospel of Jesus Christ with you.

Here are the top reads of 2016:

Black Disadvantage: Unpacking the Obvious Baggage of Blackness

The Benefits of Racism

It’s not a multicultural church if…

It’s not a multicultural church if… (Pt. 2)

Now You’re Thinking

Camara Jones talks about race and racism using allegories

The Benefit of a Name

Defining Race-less

Howard Thurman’s I will light candles this Christmas

An Advent Prayer: God is with all of us

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