“Where ever the facts lead us”

“We are going to follow the facts wherever they lead us.”  Then, why is the investigation taking so long?  It is a short trip from the podium to the White House.  Or is it because as soon as they are off and running in one direction, Mr. Trump’s tweets throw them off the scent?

Some rebuff, “All politicians lie” but when did our acceptance of intentional deception become expected, normative even?  Is this on the job description of our public servants: “Candidate must be able to lie”?

Then, perhaps, we don’t need politicians running our government.  Persons thought a businessman with no government experience was what America needed.  Next time, we might consider putting prophets on the ballot.  We could use an Isaiah or Jeremiah right now.

Because I wouldn’t want my doctor to lie to me.  Instead, I expect an accurate report of my health and if ill, an appropriate treatment plan.  I don’t want a police officer to lie to me.  “Was I speeding or not?”  I wouldn’t expect my pastor to lie to me concerning Christ’s sacrifice and the cost of the discipleship.  “Well, the world was in quotes so God may not have loved you.”

And why is that we cover for people in power?  Why do we make excuses for persons who are expected to uphold a standard, represent our best interests and lead all American people?  But, show no mercy to those of lower estate?  They are the real liars, we surmise.  I suppose that I am expected to believe that Mr. Trump is a novice.

It is so interesting to see how we can expect American citizens to tell the truth in a court of law or risk perjury but the President of the United States can lie and persons who do not believe him are deemed unpatriotic.  I am so tired of the double standard.  Only in America is there a difference between a white- collar liar and a blue collar one.   More than above the law, this is beyond my ability to comprehend.  Where do you think we are going if we continue down this road?  Wherever it is, there is no amount of walking back his comments that will return America to some mythical state of innocence.

I had grown tired of the expression, “Speak truth to power” but it makes sense now.  Because the President does not seem to possess it.  These are not your usual run of the mill lies.  More than campaign promises that get caught up in bureaucratic tape, these are outright lies with the intention to mislead and to misinform the American public.

And to be sure, there are no big and little lies, no Democratic and Republican lies.  If this administration has done nothing else, it has reminded many of us of what happens when truth becomes relative, when we think that truth is related to us, a dependent of our political party or cultural ideology.

I’m no genius but Albert Einstein was and he said this about truth: “Whoever is careless with truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.”  So, if you feel the need to lie about the size of your inauguration’s crowd size, when the picture is worth a few thousand people, what else will you lie about?  Because #truthmatters.

When Time recently asked on its cover, “Is Truth Dead?”, I knew that we had turned a corner.  With the celebration of Christ’s resurrection still fresh, the question carries even more meaning for me.  How does truth die and who buries it?  Will it rise again and will there be persons there to witness it?

“Where ever the facts lead us…”  If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this during the young Trump administration, the amount wouldn’t be worth much.  Because there is nothing valuable about being lied to.  Because what is a fact today when there are ‘alternate facts’?

Counselor to the President of the United States, Kellyanne Conway and White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer are master weavers at this point.   The spinning of tales and half- truths is making me dizzy.  I need to sit down and perhaps, sit this one out.  Can someone come and get me in four years?  Because I don’t expect the resurrection of truth in America any time soon.

Put your money away.  I am not placing any bets on his impeachment.  And why should I?  I have watched commentators, politicians and regular folks explain away reprehensible behavior.  I would pick up my lip but the bar that has been lowered to accommodate Trump is on it.  There is nothing honorable or noble about standing behind a lie.

Besides, I am investigation- weary.  These fact- finding missions don’t come with breaks.  The air of suspicion is unhealthy if inhaled over a long period of time and paranoia goes well with conspiracy theories.

To be sure, Trump’s administration is not the first and will not be the last to be guilty of lying.  Attempting to be all things to all people, politicians make campaign promises they can’t keep all the time.  But, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to get a straight answer from this administration, a sure sign that something crooked is at work.

And with the accusations of fake news media reporting now a part of our social psyche, the good news of Jesus Christ becomes more essential to my mental health and well- being.  The truth of Christ’s life and ministry was reported by persons from diverse backgrounds, locations and socioeconomic statuses.  Still, there were persons who called the work of Christ fake news and warned his believers not to teach in his name.  So, in some ways, my faith has prepared me for this.  In short, don’t follow Trump’s tweets but the paper trail of Jesus; the former will get you nowhere.

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One thought on ““Where ever the facts lead us”

  1. We are seriously living in a land where there are far too many who cannot see that the president [emperor] has no clothes. I take tremendous solace and great joy in your closing paragraph!

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