National Day of Prayer: A Prayer for Places of Worship

Image result for national day of prayer imageI was invited again to share in the National Day of Prayer with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, other clergy and government officials.  Praying for our nation or any other is a part of the biblical narrative and our faith tradition.  Though marked on our calendar, this practice of interceding, of talking to God on behalf of a group is shared with both Old and New Testament figures.  This morning, I joined with across our country and prayed for houses of worship.


God, our Divine Community, made of Persons—not aliens, strangers or immigrants.  All made in Your image and for Your pleasure, there are no second- hand humans.  No persons to be discounted or displaced because there is always room in Your presence.  You have created us all– not packing us in boxes labeled beige, black, brown, red, yellow and white people.  Without human construction, we are all housed under Your name.

Made outside of time and political seasons but in Your hands— not in capitalism’s sweat shops or squeezed out of political machines.  All flesh is tagged the same: Made by God.

You are not a gated community but we are all allowed in.  No one foreign because You are related to us all.  Your hands have touched us all, gathering us all under Your name.  Because under the name of God, we should be protected.  Under the name of God, we should feel at home, comfortable to bear our souls, to reveal our scars, to share our strengths and struggles.  Under Your name, we should be free to bow our heads without watching our backs.

No bullets or bombs only holy books.  No guns, only Your glory. No hatred, only love.  No chaos, only peace.  No division, only unity.

Let Your house and Your hands be a sanctuary for all souls—less we tear each other apart.

Still, no matter how we try to pull You to our side, Your hands hold us all together.  Made of the same holy dust, same mix of flesh and spirit, You have molded us together.  We have gathered to fold our hands together to pray for more holy days and holy ways to stick together, to fasten our hearts together in unconditional love.  Let us see every body as Your temple, created sacred and for Your glory.

The earth is Yours and therefore all places are for Your worship.  Remove the beams of our bias, the stained- glass spectacles from our eyes so that we can see it together, tearing down anything that stands in the way of Your vision of community.  In the name of the God who houses all of humanity, I pray.  Amen.

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