No ‘Confederate’

Confederate.  It’s the title of a potential new series on HBO.  An idea from the creators of the wildly popular (I hear) Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss want persons to imagine that slavery in America never ended and worse still, to be entertained by it.  It is an alternate ending but it also allows persons who want to live in this state of fancy a home and an audience.  But, this is not just the whimsical fantasy of studio executives but the actual belief of some Americans– that African Americans were made to serve and are destined to perpetual bondage.

Persons have used Scripture and science but now they can point to the screen in their defense.  “See, this is how it should be.  This is how God ordained it.”

That persons would entertain the idea of African Americans remaining enslaved and treated as property today and against the backdrop of President Trump’s recent endorsement of police brutality (which has been the focus of recent social upheaval) is unexplainable.  Why does this sound like a good idea– not just for television but in the mind of any American?  And it’s not just about timing but it’s a call for a time out.  Listen to what you are proposing.  Stop this before it starts.  Because the very idea is insulting and offensive.

African Americans are free and we don’t want persons to even imagine the possibility of it being any other way.  Don’t give people these kinds of ideas.  Because American slavery was never good.  Despite the attempts of many to suggest that it was good for those enslaved, it was only good for the economy.  On the backs of enslaved human beings, this country was built.

Fact Check: America is the richest nation not because of rugged individualism but criminal capitalism.

Confederate is flawed from the start, destined to be disgusted because of its premise: the continued enslavement of African Americans by European Americans.  Didn’t this country go to war over this?  Then, why start another?  But, it’s too late.  Persons took to Twitter last night to voice their disapproval during the viewing time of Game of Thrones.  Because human beings as property is not a good storyline.

Despite the backlash, HBO released a statement last night asking persons to reserve judgment “until there was something to see.”  But, that’s just it.  African Americans and their allies don’t want to see it.  We don’t want to entertain the possibility of African Americans not being free.  Because it is hard enough to accept that our ancestors were owned four hundred years ago.  Why would any African American want to see themselves as slaves today?  The answer: We don’t.

So, who is this show really for?

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One thought on “No ‘Confederate’

  1. This is without a doubt a shameful idea. I’ve heard people claim that it is no different than the Amazon series “The Man in the High Castle”. That is bull. That series is incredibly fictional, and our nation was involved together in the defeat of those evil regimes. Confederate would celebrate an idea that still exists and one that our nation was at war with ourselves in opposition and support.

    This is a plain and simple money grab by the greedy entertainment community. And, it is an affront to all citizens who suffered and still suffer from the vestiges of this immoral period of history. There is no reason to promote this kind of thinking that would only serve to prop up evil thinking.

    Neil Postman has never been more vindicated.

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