Now and Forever

10627188705_de1d8b8bb3Summer is well underway and I, like so many others, am wondering where the time has gone. More than a few days have been lost to thunderstorms and heat waves; both of which, I am happy to wave goodbye to. On those days, I stayed in, hid behind my keyboard and waited for a better day to go out and play. So, I guess that I gave those away and they can’t be included in this lament.

I haven’t had a single sick day but I have had a few lazy days and a handful of movie days. Reading and writing days are mandatory. Arithmetic days are only when absolutely necessary.

To be sure, I have looked between couch cushions, under my bed and in closets in hopes of finding more of summer. To date, I have found twenty- one cents, a half empty bottle of water and a once missing sock now reunited with its twin. By now, you may be wondering, “What does this have to do with forever or right now?” I am glad that you asked.

As we count down the remaining days of summer, we may be evaluating the time we’ve spent so far and planning what we will do with the days remaining. More sleeping. More shopping. More reading. More trips. More dips in the pool.

In addition to those days, I would ask that you consider more time with God. Before you roll your eyes or wave me off, hear me out. Every day counts and planning to spend time with God tomorrow doesn’t. What matters is now.

What are you going to do now? How are you going to spend time with God now? Emily Dickinson concluded, “Forever is composed of nows.” Today is now and forever.


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