screen-shot-2015-11-14-at-12-17-29-pmThe unthinkable has happened.  While there is talk that the Russian plane that crashed in Sinai, Egypt last month was due to a bomb placed onboard by terrorists, it has been confirmed that ISIS or ISIL has taken the lives of 129 people and many more have been injured due to multiple attacks in Paris, France.  Most of the young men involved are dead; still others are being sought after with house raids and house arrests.  I am still wrapping my head around this new reality and my prayers for Paris are more moans and sighs.

There simply are no words and I don’t even know what to say after the carnage that has been displayed on various news media outlets.  This is coupled with France’s almost immediate air strikes on Syria and debates as to whether four million Syrians, mostly women and small children, would be prevented from entering America.  Some are calling for a “religion test” even as they, too, are running from the same terror.  I lament. #PrayforParis and #PrayforSyrians too.




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