Hand Me Down

See the source imageWe don’t have to go far to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  So often, conversations about conversion assume that those who need to hear the gospel are in far- away lands, that we have to cross the ocean to deliver the message.  But, evangelism does not require a passport.  No need to learn a new language or hire a translator, coordinate a travel plan or worry about security checkpoints.  We don’t have to pack a bag because this work can be done in a bathrobe—though it might distract your family from the message if it is one that resembles a dead animal.  While you should be comfortable, this might be pushing it.

The point is, we don’t have to leave our homes because this is where evangelism begins or at least it should.  Hold off on the fire and brimstone as that might make for a scary bedtime story.  Instead, our families should see and experience the good news of Jesus Christ firsthand.  The psalmist reminds us that our home is our primary mission field and we are called to share the gospel every day (cf. Psalm 78).  The Roman Road is at every intersection of life, not a stop along the way and certainly not a good location for a shop selling salvation trinkets, t- shirts and key- chains.

But the exchange should be as comfortable, natural and normal as your bathrobe.  Because becoming like Christ takes time and it does not just happen in church.  While we are passing the dinner rolls, we can give them something that does not fade or become fuzzy after a few wears and washes.  No, don’t give them your bathrobe.  Listen to the psalmist and hand God down.

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