“This one day, or a prayer for pastors when Sunday is the 27th”

imagePerhaps, this post is self- serving but I want to remember that some one was praying for me tonight as I sit in Starbucks reviewing tomorrow’s sermon. I want to remember Martha Spong’s prayer of intercession for pastors.  She prays:

Lord, it’s quick, this one day between Christmas and Sunday, and in it, we are washing dishes and composing prayers, waving goodbye to house guests and visiting the dying, taking scraps of ribbon from the cat and crossing t’s for tomorrow’s sermon.

Our heads are full of what went well or not, and notes for next year, which we ought to write down but cannot find a pen because we cleaned the house by hiding things.

This work is wonderful and full of awe, and we are glad to do it, but it’s a lot sometimes, and this is one of them, and we wouldn’t mind another day, just to ponder the angels.

Hold us up, Holy One.

Hold us up, while we vacuum pine needles and run off more bulletins, we pray.  Amen.

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